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  • Dr. Beatriz Maria Maresca

Dr. Beatriz Maria Maresca

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Dentistry, graduate with diploma of honor at the University of Buenos Aires. PhD in dentistry. Outstanding thesis with special mention. Specialist in Endodontics with recertification. Member of number place five of the National Academy of dentistry. Director of the journal of the Argentine Dentistry Association for 10 years. Director of the career of specialist Endodontics of the faculties of Dentistry of the UBA, Argentina Pontifical UCA and the Universidad Favaloro. Distinction Santa Apolonia - Madrid Spain. Distinction Gregorian monks - Madrid Spain. Professor Oscar A. Prize Qualitas dentistry. First prize Congress International of endodontic society Uruguayan of Endodontics. Special mention Congress international society French in Endodontics - nice. Obturation Material invention patent endodontic of third generation. Associate Professor of Professor of Endodontics of the faculties of Dentistry of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina J F Kennedy University. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Buenos Aires and Dean and Director of basic dentistry and clinic of the University Kennedy
Regenerative Endodontics Paradental
Regenerative Endodontics developed based on tissue engineering techniques to replace lost tissues. With the development of the current knowledge of molecular biology, microbiology and genetics among other disciplines, we are able to introduce us to the knowledge of the intracellular signaling cascades triggered by self-organizing complex systems in their process of self-healing. This allows us to define the steps that must make for regeneration ad integrum of the tissues that make up the system of dental insertion.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Reach posendodontica repair by tissue regeneration
  2. Do not mutilate the tooth
  3. Used as a vector to reach the apical region, root canal and the fistulous.
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