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  • Dr. Roberto Blanco III

Dr. Roberto Blanco III

Rosario, Argentina

Short CV
- D.D.S., F.O.U.N.R., 1999 - University Professor in Dentistry, Prof. Univ., P.U.C.A., 2003 - Specialist in Oral Implantology, P.U.C.A., 2004 - Fellowship in Oral and Craniomaxillofacial Surgery under Prof. Dr. Luc Cesteleyn, A.L.A.C.I.B.U., Belgium, 2005 – 2006 - Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, OMS, Board S.A.C. y T.B.M.F., M.S.N., 2006; Board A.L.A.C.I.B.U., 2015 - PhD in Biomedical Sciences, I.U.N.I.R., 2009 - University Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery I and II, I.U.N.I.R., Dental school, 2013 – present. - Fellow and Speaker ITI
Prevention and Resolution of Complications Related to Alveolar Reconstruction
Nowadays the use of osseointegrated implants to replace missing teeth is routine practice for general dentists. Frequently, the area for implant placement is unsuitable due to aesthetic, functional or structural reasons, requiring the reconstruction or preservation of the alveolar ridge. Various surgical techniques and biomaterials have been developed and are available for this purpose. However, these are not exempt from risks inherent to any surgical practice and complications specific to this procedure. The prevention and management/resolution of such complications constitute a priority and a challenge to be faced. During this presentation, a broad overview of current alveolar ridge reconstruction and preservation procedures will be outlined. In addition, the complications that may arise will be identified, and methods to avoid and manage such complications will be proposed.

Learning Objective :
  1. Outline current alveolar ridge reconstruction and preservation procedures
  2. Describe the preoperative considerations to avoid complications
  3. Analyze the intraoperative procedures that could prevent complications
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