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  • Dr. David Masuoka

Dr. David Masuoka

Aguascalientes, Mexico

Short CV
Current position Research Professor, Category B, Department of Stomatology, Center for Health Sciences, UAA. Education PhD in Dental Sciences. Prosthodontic Department, Graduate School, Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Tokyo, Japan, 2004-2008. Dental surgeon. Autonomous University of Guadalajara, School of Dentistry. Jalisco Mexico. 2000-2002. Dental surgeon. National Autonomous University of Mexico, School of Dentistry. D.F., Mexico. 1995-1999.
Latin America´s Biomedical Technology Potential
Scientific advances will determine which nations will progress, and which will be further and further behind. The countries that develop products with added value will be increasingly rich, and those that continue to produce raw materials or basic manufactures will stay further behind. Development of biomedical technology. in Latin America through necessity and and understand the potential and mechanism of patentability it is the beginning to the entrance in the new era of knowledge and create tools to fight in the new economy of creativity for our Latin American society.

Learning Objectives :
  1. Background of the Latin American scientific economy.
  2. The potential creativity of the Latin American.
  3. Development of technology through necessity.
  4. Foundations of the new era of knowledge.
  5. Creative collaboration.
  6. Patentability as a tool of the new Latin American scientific economy.
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