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  • Dr. Jorge Aguilar

Dr. Jorge Aguilar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Short CV
Prof. Dr. Jorge E Aguilar • Associate Professor of Periodontics at the Universidad del Salvador-AOA. • Director of the "Master in Dental Implantology" of the Universidad del Salvador-AOA. • Director of the Department of General Coordination of Research of the Argentine Odontological Association.
Gingival healing in Implantology
The periimplant soft tissues have a fundamental role in the health, aesthetics and function of implant restorations. In an area of high aesthetic commitment, the shape, color and surface texture of the restorations and the gingiva are determinants for success. The factors capable of modifying the gingiva and those that intervene in its healing will be identified. We will describe the clinical procedures to correct and solve gingival alterations, their results and the stability over time of the tissues with the use of them.

Learning Objective :
  1. Identify the biological, mechanical and operator factors involved in gingival healing.
  2. Identify possible alterations in shape, color, surface texture and its etiology.
  3. Determine the procedures to prevent and correct such alterations
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